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    Changing the  AeonGraphical Source

      I am trying to change the opening background color in Flex. I have a style sheet but when the app opens I want a logo with the preloader and a color the matches my app background. Would this be done by editing the native AeonGraphical.fla file and then recompiling the SWC? I'm having trouble recompiling the SWC using compc. Not sure how to do that?
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          I've not bothered to change the theme yet, but I've read that recompiling the SWC is done in Flash. There wasn't a mention that other programs were used to recompile. Also, the reason to recompile the SWC is for speed, and you should be working on a copy of that FLA file, before you accidentally break it. Anyway, certainly CSS, or inline styles, could be used to override the default background.