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    Problems when exporting HD video to tape


      I have edited several hours of HD video from a Sony HDR HC7 camcorder into a one-hour video.  Capturing and editing the video with CS4 went just fine, although opening the footage and rendering it is very time consuming.  However, I have been unable to export to tape without encountering several glitches on the tape.  I define a glitch as a stop and start in the video, ranging from one-half to one second.  I have discussed my problem with Adobe technical support numerous times, and have tried everything recommended.  This includes the installation of a dedicated dual internal hard drive in the RAID 0 configuration, adding one GB of RAM using Windows, striping the tape, optimizing the system according to Adobe instructions, etc. etc.  I have a quad system, 2.33 GHz, with 3.2 GHz RAM (apparently only 3 GB is effective), which contains all of the components recommended by Adobe for using CS4 with HD.  I am using Windows XP, version 3, 32 bit.  I have no problems when I export a standard definition version of the video.  I even rented a different camcorder, a Canon HD20, which resulted in fewer glitches (in fact I was able to export one complete tape with no glitches, but only one.)  I welcome any suggestions!