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    AS1 codes or SWF templates for animating text & image?



      I need an actionscript animation & effects code library for only Actionscript 1. The flash generator that I use [Ming] accepts only AS 1.


      We are migration to Flash from Powerpoint. You know that in Powerpoint you enter a text, attach an image and then you can specify how this item animates while entering the scene and while leaving the scene. I need to mimic this feature of PPT.


      I have written some simple AS1 tween codes for some simple scrooling, zooming in etc, but I need much more and complex effects for animating text and images.


      Do you know a library or a group of AS1 codes for animating objects beautifuly?


      I can also use pre-made swf templates if there is any. I have a few and they are really cool. I only pass the string to the swf template and it animates the text in a cool way. But I can't find more of them.


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