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    Badgers Gill

      I have a problem with digital editions 1.7.1 in that when trying to download purchased e-books the following message appears

      Error getting license

      Server Communications problem: E_ADEPT_10

      any advice will be appreciated

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          Hi, I've been having the same problem

          I recently purchased an ebook from ebooks.com and everytime i try to download it, I get a file called "URLLINK.acsm" and I am aware that it is the liscence to open the ebook and I get this error message: Error getting license

          Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO


          I just recently got this error. I used to be able to read ebooks all the time, and on one of the threads it said that I should register my machine, which i tried to do and couldn't!
          I also tried to download an ebook that I had bought before (thinking that maybe the problem was caused by the link in the new ebook,
          but it didn't work either)


          I've contcated Adobe, on the 23rd..they were supposed to reply within 24 hours...nothing yet..

          Any help would be much appreciated!

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            Badgers Gill Level 1

            Hi the problem has been resolved not via Adobe but due to a change in internet security software. It may be worth you checking the level of security on your firewall. Due to a forthcoming change to my computer I moved from the £40+ AVG package to the free download and now I have no problem.

            Hope this helps

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              SarahG. Level 1

              Hi..thanks alot for your help..I tried disabeling my kaspersky antivirus and my windows security center firewall then openinging the .acsm file but I still got the same same error...This is really frustrating!!


              But thank you so much for trying to help

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                Your internet provider may also have a firewall which may be the cause of your troubles. I had the same problem until I turned off my computer's firewall and then went to a "Free Wi-Fi" area (bookstore) and used their services.The files downloaded without a problem. I hope this helps.

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                  Did you ever get this fixed?  I had no problems downloading for months and then all of a sudden I got this same error message. today.  I tried a clean install and turning off my antivirus (Panda Cloud).  No dice.  I am so glad I am just trying to download from my library site, not purchased books.  And I am not going to take my desktop somewhere else to download! 


                  Why doesn't Adobe figure out what is wrong and fix it?  The average computer user should not have to go to a user forum to solve a problem.  Downloading an ebook should not be rocket science...

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                    slyvella Level 1

                    Update:  I was able to successfully download the library books to my Vista computer, so this problem is only on my XP computer.  And it started this week.  I had no problems downloading in XP previously.  I rolled back the latest XP update, having to do with Daylight Savings Time, but that did not help.

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                      ciando eBooks

                      Adobe Digital Editions use Internet Explorer in the background. If IE is offline, you get this error. You can use any browser you want, but IE have to connect to internet. Sometimes, Avira Antivir claims that IE is offline. So you have to deactivate or deinstall Avira Antivir.

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                        I believe this occurs when Internet Explorer is in offline mode. This may have happened if you were connected to the internet and using IE then had a break in the connection for some reason; it can occur even if you do not use IE as your primary browser. A simple way to fix it is to do a google search in IE; if it does not immediately load, press the reload/refresh/f5 button. A dialog box will pop up informing you that IE is in offline mode, and it will ask you if you want to connect or continue to work offline. Click connect, and then close and reopen Digital Editions. Opening files, returning e-books to your public library, etc., are all then possible.