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    Premiere Pro CS4 Crashes When Importing HD Clips

      I've used Camtasia forever but recently decided to "upgrade" to Premiere Pro when I got my new Macbook.  Not being familiar with Premiere at all, I thought I would play with it with a few short clips.  I have HD footage of my martial arts class which I shot with my Canon Vixia HG20 and copied it to my Macbook.  However, when I imported a few clips into Premiere Pro and try to play it, it hangs.  It will play one or two clips and then it stops responding after that.


      All in all, it's only about 2 minutes of footage that I've put into Premiere Pro.  I have no problems putting the clips into the Timeline but when I try to preview the clips (either in the source monitor or the program monitor windows), Premiere Pro gives me the little rainbow pinwheel and 20 minutes later, it's still spinning around.  I bought a 500Gb external hard drive to use as the scratch disk because I thought maybe it was a space issue having everything on my Macbook but I still get the pinwheel.  My only solution is to force quit the program.


      I have a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro on OS X (10.5.6) with 4GB of memory, GeForce 8600M graphics card, and 200GB hard drive.  I've read about a of of the crashes on here but didn't really see anything similar to my situation.  Any ideas?  I spent a lot on Premiere Pro and am not willing to give up on it  quite yet.


      Please and thank you!