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    warning on AE start up

      I keep getting "AE warning: the location you have chosen is a removable drive. Please choose another location"

      I cannot find out what this is talking about i have AE installed on my HD [using apple mac pro] can someone please let me

      know what this is talking about. i mean i can click ok and everything goes as planned but just annoyed at this pop up warning everytime i

      open AE

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          A removable drive was plugged into your computer (external HD, USB stick, iPod etc.) when you were installing and acttivating the program. Therefore that drive becomes part of the install path and/or specific configuration data is targeted at the removable media. What you can try:


          - Trash the prefs.

          - Empty out all media and disk caches and point them to a new directory.

          - Deactivate with erasing the serial, then re-activate.

          - Use the CS4 Clean Utility from the support pages to unregister your installed packages and reset the installer configuration.


          If neither of the above helps, I'm afraid only a full re-instal lcan fix things. Just make sure to not have removable drives at the machine, which also includes stuff like Time Capsule backup drives and possibly otehr dynamically mapped (wireless) network connections.