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    Changing text in AE comp from PP?

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      I'm very new to AE so please excuse my ignorance!


      I have created a basic title plate for a series of videos using AE and create the rest of the video using Premiere Pro. I insert the AE title plate into PP as a AE file, as opposed to rendering it in AE and importing it into PP as a video.


      In the composition, there are various text elements and an image which are differerent in each video. What I do at the moment is open the file in AE, make the appropriate changes and save it as a new file each time. Is there a more efficient way of changing the text for each video? I was thinking that there might be a way of defining the text elements as parameters or something and changing these from PP. Is this possible or is there a better way than what I'm doing at the moment?


      I'm using CS4 if that makes any difference?