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    Reverse Field Dominance


      I am aware that certain types of video input will require the clip to be tagged with "reverse field dominance" to produce a DVD with smooth video.   However, how can you tell in advance that the clip will require this treatment without first burning a DVD and seeing the stuttering video, etc?  Is there some simple "notifier" in Premier Elements?  Can you detect this in the monitor mode?



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Generally MPEG video and hard drive camcorder video is Top Field First (TFF). As you say PE7 expects video with Bottom Field First (BFF) and you may need to reverse the field dominance. Unless, however, you use the appropriate project preset... "Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders". You can see in the Project description that it says it expects video with upper field first. To determine the field order of your video you can use GSpot a free codec utility. It gives you details about the codec used for the video and the field order amongst other things.


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            Hi Chas,


            The export to DVD preset provided by PRE expects 'lower field first' of an interlaced video. So if have shot your clip using tape based camcorders, then your clip will also have field order as 'lower field first' and export to DVD will work perfectly for you.

            However, if you shoot your videos using tapeless camcorders which have 'upper field first' then you would need to reverse field dominance to make your clip as 'lower field first' and after that you should export to DVD.

            The basic funda is that the field order of the preset export to DVD and field order of your clip should be in sync.

            Also make sure that you use the correct project preset i.e a preset which matches the type of your clip.


            I hope this will clear your doubt

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              And remember that, as an alternative to reversing the field dominance, you can start any project that's going to use only MPEG or DVD files as source files by using the DVD/Hard drive camcorder preset. This project preset will AUTOMATICALLY reverse the field dominance of all clips added to the project.

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                Paul51639 Level 1

                Strangely this is not straightforward version to version, I have a Sony DVD camcorder and in prem el 3 I definately had to rev field dominance (default project settings) to correct video,  I now have prem el 4 and soon found out, with default settings, if I reverse field dominance I screw it up, I don't know if the program is doing some "sensing" or what, but the outcome is quite clear

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Again, it depends on the project setting you're using.

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                    chas_M Level 1

                    Many thanks to everyone who has posted suggestions on the use of reverse field dominance.  I now have a much clearer understanding of its significance.  Since the majority of my projects are based on MPEG video sources I will probably set the default in the DVD/Hard drive camcorder preset.

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                      chas_M Level 1



                      I have looked high and low but I cannot find out how to establish this DVD/Hard drive camcorder preset.  Please can you explain where I can find it?  Can this be set on a global basis or must it be set for each project?



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                        Paul_LS Level 4

                        It must be set when starting a new project, for each project. At the opening splash screen select New Project, then select Change Settings and select the Hard Disc, Flash Memory Camcorders preset.... here you will notice in the description that it states upper field first.

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                          chas_M Level 1

                          Thanks for your help but I am still having a problem finding the means to change to Hard Disc, Flash Memory Camcorders preset.  Obviously, your suggestion should be easy to do, but it isn't.  I am using PE3, and when I select a new project I get the New Project dialog definition box,  When this is completed, the action takes you to the main editing screen, but no Change Settings is to be found.  What am I missin


                          Your help and patience is very appreciated.

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                            Paul_LS Level 4

                            I can not recall if PE3 had the "Hard Disc, Flash Memory Camcorders" project preset option. When you select New Project there is a drop down box where you can select the project preset... what project preset options do you have?