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    how to render through a home network?


      i have a windows pc with specs:

      • Case: antec Sonata II
        CPU:e6750 intel core duo 2 2.66ghz @ 2.8ghz
        PSU: antec 450 watt
        GPU: XFX 9800gtx stock clock
        HDD: 500GB
        Memory: kingston 3 1GB sticks
        Monitor: viewsonic VX2255 wmb 22"(i got this half price off for $250)
        sound: Logitech x-240
        OS: windows vista ultimate sp1


      and a macbook pro 3,1 (mid 2007, bought the hour leopard came out) with 2.4 ghz 17-inch.


      i have updated all my adobe cs4 software for the Windows and Mac.


      Well as the title says.. how would i be able to render with adobe media encoder through a network(that would be called render farm right?)

      I would preferably like to use Apple ProRes422 as the export codec so i have to use the mac for exporting but is it possible to use the power of the Windows PC to help out? Can it do it wirelessly?  I have over 65 GB of AVCHD so it would take a while tto render all those things together.