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    Issues with WMV HD Editing & Newbie Questions



      I am new to PE7, so apologies if some of these have been asked b4, I searched but couldn't come up with direct solutions.


      I mainly edit HD WMVs, raw HD videos and MPEGs, to be used on PCs and on the internet. Most used output would be HD 1280x720(wmv).

      I am having problems with HD WMVs in PE7, they don't seem to play smoothly for editing, clipping etc(choppy and jumpy are the words that come to mind). At first, I thought this was a memory issue( I have 3 gigs on a Vista computer with a Dual Core processor), but then decided to try editing a couple of  HD MPEGs (same size) and these played smoothly, allowing be to make precise splits etc.


      What would be the best setting for editing WMV HD files(as I said, mainly 1280x720 input and output)? I tried the HD and AVCHD settings(when starting the new project), no joy. Is there some way to tweak PE7, or adjust the settings when editing WMVs, or in general, is it best to import MPEGs?


      Next question  - I am going to be doing quite a lot of editing over the next few months. Do people find Vista or XP more stable to use with PE7 and Premiere Pro and how much memory would be best for optimal perfomance? If I have to get an XP PC for editing, then that's what I'll have to do. Right now, I'm trying out PE7 and I'm sure I'll have to upgrade to Premiere Pro in a few months, so please bear that in mind.



      Any other suggestions, tips and useful links, greatly appreciated.



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          PE7 handles HDV MPEG2 natively... so if you look at a clip on the timeline it will have no line above it, if you look at a HD WMV file on the timeline it will have a red line above it. For the HD WMV file to play back smoothly on your computer (depending on how "beefy" your computer is) you will have to hit the Enter key on your keyboard to render the clip. After rendering the clip will play back smoothly and have a green line above it.


          If you are editing 1280x720 HD WMV you could use the HDV 720 30p project preset... however whatever project preset you use you will always have the same need to render the clip.


          PE7 and PPro works well with either WinXP or Vista. For editing high definition video I would go with 4G RAM (well your computer will only be able to access 3.2G+ of the RAM). More important is the processor, especially if you venture into editing AVCHD. A fast Quad core is ideal.

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            Level 1

            Thanks a lot for that!


            I tested it and it works - very useful to know, even though it took 1hr 20mins to render a 16min clip.


            Anyone else who does a lot of HD WMV editing, if you are pressed for time, you might want to consider converting it to

            MPEG2 b4 importing into PE7. I did that for some of the longer clips.


            I'll be investing in a Quad Core machine for the speed.


            Thanks again for your help.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The WMV format is a "streaming" delivery format. It is meant for viewing and not editing. It is also highly compressed to begin with, like DivX and Xvid .AVI files. I would want to go to the source, prior to Export as .WMV, if it was my Project. Quality and ease of editing will be much better.


              Good luck,