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      I have two list where in I used drageed and drop items from one list to another. I always wanted a MOVE operation (COPY should not be done)

      Issue: If I hold a control key and drag on e item from one list to another it do COPY but if I hold a Control key, select two items from dragsource and drag them it do MOVE. The similar behaviour I saw in Adobe livedocs. Please let me know how to fix this, as I always need a MOVE operation to be done.


      My code:

      <mx:List id="allCharityList" labelFunction="charityListLabelFunc" allowMultipleSelection="true" dropEnabled="true" dragEnabled="true" dragMoveEnabled="true" wordWrap="true" variableRowHeight="true" width="100%" height="100%"/>


          <mx:List id="selectedCharityList" labelFunction="charityListLabelFunc" allowMultipleSelection="true" dropEnabled="true" dragEnabled="true" dragMoveEnabled="true" 
                dragDrop="dragDropHandler(event);" wordWrap="true" variableRowHeight="true" width="100%" height="100%"/>


                private function dragDropHandler(event:DragEvent):void
                     if (event.dragSource.hasFormat("items"))
                        // Explicitly handle the dragDrop event.           
                      var dropTarget:List=List(event.currentTarget);               
                      var itemsArray:Array = event.dragSource.dataForFormat("items") as Array;
                      for(var i:Number=0; i < itemsArray.length; i++)
                          var tempItem:Object = itemsArray[i];
                           var dropLoc:int = dropTarget.calculateDropIndex(event);             
                              droppedCharities.addItemAt(tempItem, dropLoc);   
                              var dSource:List = List(event.dragInitiator); //When source and destination is same mean you need to rearrange the items
                              if(dSource == dropTarget)