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    Complex DataGrid

    The ScareCrow Level 1

      I have a complex datagrid


      The datagrid has a column that is a datagrid (ie. the itemrender is a datagrid itself.

      If anyone knows of a tutorial for this please let me know.


      Anyway it all works as expected and values are updated.

      Problem is I only want to have a single save button on the outer grid.

      I want this button to call a function to save the datagrid rows.  But as one column is a datagrid I also want it to call a function in the itemrenderer that will save the itemrenderer datagrid (make sence ?)


      Does anyone know how to call a public function of an itemRenderer from the parent component ?


      Or if I'm not doing this correctly, can you let me know !














      fld_competency_id" headerText="Competency" editable="true" width="200" rendererIsEditor="true"


      com.cfgenerated.views.renderers.PDP_Development_Competency" editorDataField="newCompentencies">






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          ATIF FAROOQ Level 3


             you can use indexToItemRenderer and itemToItemRenderer property of dataGrid to get particular ItemRenderer instance and call its public methods later on.

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            The ScareCrow Level 1

            Thanks for the reply,


            I have tried this but it appears that the function is not executed.


            Some code


            The page that has the item renderer has a button with a click event that calls




            private function saveItem():void




            var pdpda:PDP_Development_Activities = this.masterList.indexToItemRenderer(2) as PDP_Development_Activities;





            The public function in the item renderer is


            public function saveActivities():void


            Alert.show( ObjectUtil.toString('save the activities...') );



            But the alert is never shown.






            This actually works if the datagrid column is column zero (0).  But as soon as I move it back it does not work.

            The datagrid has 4 columns and each column has an itemrenderer.

            So column 3 (referenced as 2) has the itemrender that is a datagrid, which is the one I need this to work on.


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