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    Datagrid Column with complex itemRenderer / itemEditor


      I have a datagrid with a custom component used as an itemRenderer / editor. The component has two view states (default is simply the text of my data and the second state contains my editor fields). I have is set up so that when an individual double-clicks on the cell of my datagrid the renderer changes view states to the editor view.  This view contains a dateSelector component and two numeric stepper components that reflect a date (dateSelector) and the hour and minute in the two steppers. The problem I have is that I'm trying to control the view state based on when the user clicks outside of the editor. When the user is done editing  the applicable field(s), I want the viewstate to change back to simply the text-view state and remove the editors.


      I had this working except that whenever a user changed focus from say the dateSelector to one of the numeric steppers the view state changed prematurely. The editor view should stay in view until the datagrid cell loses focus.  Any ideas???