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    problem with director


      hi there
      i was working on director 11 project and i had this problem when i published my work
      an error message that says: xtra buttoned.x32 was not found continue publishing?
      and when i press yes there is only one problem with the projector that is the filters i was applying on texts are not seen, all of them the drop shadow filter, the bevel filter. the glow filter and so,
      how can i fix this problem
      please help i am stuck
      and by the way i am just a beginner in using director

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          Are you sure the error message you are getting refers to "buttoned.x32"?  Did you use any xtras by that name?  The message is saying that the xtra is not found, so you need to add it in.  You can do that byu going to Modify, Movie, XTras and jitting the Add... button.  Find the xtra and include it with the projector... then republish and it should be ok.


          The thing about the bitmap filters not working leads me to believe that in addition to that, you will also need to include BitmapFilters.x32 (in the same place).

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            kherbetawy Level 1

            thank you for replying


            and yes i am sure i did not use any xtra with that name in the project but i used the behaviour push button so frequent

            in my project i do not know if it has any relation with it


            thanks alot

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              Mike Blaustein Level 4

              If you used Flash buttons or the flashComponents that are on the default toolbar, then you would probably need to include the Flash Asset xtra.

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                Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

                Yes, but because it's an asset xtra it should have been automatically added to _movie.xtraList. The OP would have had to have taken steps to manually remove it, and even then it would have been re-added if he had done so.

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                  kherbetawy Level 1

                  thanks alot and i am sorry

                  yes it worked i looked for that xtra in the list and removed it without affecting the project
                  now there is another problem
                  in my project i created an aviplay component that plays an external avi files in the local folder and i used an html in the publish options
                  after publishing the project and when using this html page as a home page on a server
                  and when playing the avi files a download request of the video file pops up
                  how can i make these files play directly from inside the page without being downloaded?
                  please help