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    Import jax-ws web service created in netbeans 6.5


      I have seen a few posts on this but without a result, so trying again in case there has been some progress. First of all I ran the UsWeather example, imported the webservices etc. and this works. I then tried the same for my web service, jax-ws create via netbeans and this doesn't work. It is a simple calc function that should accept two integer, i and j and return the sum. From what I can make out it is because the parameters are somehow wrapped and are not visible via the creates action scripts


      So when I run this sort of thing:


      private var calc:CalcWSService = new CalcWSService;


      var req:Add_request = new Add_request();
                      req.i = 2;
                      req.j = 3;
                      calc.add_request_var = req;
                      // Invoke the method

      I get the error message


      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
          at Test/getMyCalc2()[Y:\FlexWorkspaces\TestWorkSpace\Test\src\Test.mxml:64]
          at Test/___Test_Button4_click()[Y:\FlexWorkspaces\TestWorkSpace\Test\src\Test.mxml:92]


      If I reference my web service as follows


      <mx:WebService id="webService" wsdl="http://localhost:8080/CalcWSProject/CalcWSService?wsdl" >     
               <mx:operation name="add" resultFormat="object" result="display(event);">                   
               <mx:request xmlns="" >         


      and run




      then it works


      The generated CalcWSService.as add function looks like this(i.e.the parameters appear to be hidden


             public function add(add:Add):AsyncToken

                     var _internal_token:AsyncToken = _baseService.add(add);

                  return _internal_token;



      Any way to get around the problem when importing the web services via the wizard?