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    How to create this video effect in my videos?

      Hi all, new here, just got Premiere Elements 7 a week back, and must say i'm impressed...


      I came across a video effect in a song found here (found from 0:53 till 1:30) where the screen goes completely white for a fraction of a second in a smooth manner and the picture returns again after that.

      In fact i also want the effect of the fast forwarding of the video (audio remains the same) for a few seconds, which can also be found in the same clip in the same duration as i stated earlier... But till now i haven't been so successful at applying these...


      Can you please help me out? Thanks!

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Unfortuately it comes up "You can not view the video in your country"... my country being the UK.


          However it sounds like you just need to keyframe the opacity of the clip (in the Poerties Panel for the clip you can find Opacity), maybe having a white matte on the track below. To create the white matte, click the New Item icon in the top right corner of the Media Panel (the panel which shows the clips used in your project) and select Color Matte. See these complimentary tutorials, including keyframes over on Muvipix:



          Regarding fast forwarding use the Time Stetch tool. the clock icon above the timline/sceneline to the lfet. Otherwise right click on the clip and select Time Stretch. Note you will need to ixolate the time you want to speed up but splitting the clip either side of where you want the fast speed section. Then speed up the section required.

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            Thanks for the quick response Paul, seems i've sorted the time stretch part of the question.

            But i still can't replicate the white effect... maybe this link will work for you.

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              No still cant see it... however it just sounds like a simple dip to white, video fades to white and then back agin. The was I describe it is the way to do it.

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                Yup i got it..just like you described it to me!

                Damn its a big software... will take ages to learn...


                It seems to be a combination of fade in and fade out in the video clip which you are not able to view...


                Thanks a lot Paul!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  For the "flash to white" you might take Paul's suggestion and invert it, i.e. placing the white matte on the Video Track (VT) above your footage, and Keyframing its Opacity. Personally, I'd look at doing this with Keyframing of Levels and cutting in a few frames of the white matte. Not sure about PE's Levels Effect (might look into some of the other "brightness" Effects too), but I'd be doing this in PrPro, which has a few more similar Effects.


                  One tip on the "fast-forward:" this was likely shot that way, with the camera mounted on a sturdy tripod and the a momentary switch used on the camera to do "stop motion" as the actors moved in the scene. If you do the Time Remapping, make sure to shoot on a tripod, so that the background does not change positions, only the actors to keep it looking clean. It also appeared to me that the videographer shot a few frames without the talent in the scene and these were either created in camera, or were inserted. I might have imagined this, but its use could be effective also. To keep the Audio at the exact pitch and speed, when Time Remapping, you'll want to use a soundtrack, and not rely on the Audio from the camera. You can do some work with the camera Audio to try and maintain pitch, but it can be a lot of work. Even for ambient sounds, i.e. the background sounds of the field, or forrest, I'd keep it, plus the soundtrack, separate from the Video stream.


                  An older Sci-Fi parody, "Ice Bandits" used a bit of stop motion freeze-framing and also under-cranking of the camera, for both Audio & Video, to create a humorous take on this Effect. If you can get a copy of that (might be on DVD?), look at the battle-scenes near the end. Heavy makeup changes were also incorporated to simulate "aging" when the action was sped up. The Time Remapped Audio contributed to the humor aspect, as the voices took on a "chipmunk-like" sound, and even the SFX were sped up too.


                  I don't see much real stop motion anymore in video, as much can be done in post. Back in the cine days, it was used for all sorts of effects. Jack Boseburg did a three-film trilogy, called "Trolley," that incorporated a lot of real stop-motion camera work. In his film, he controlled the camera with an intervelometer.  I doubt that you could find a copy of this, however, as it was never commercially released.


                  Good luck,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Very close. It looks like it was more of a Levels thing, than an Opacity change, as there is flaring in the highlights. However, if one also did a Keyframed Gaussian Blur, it might help get close. Pixelan (Spice Master) and ProDAD have variations on Dip to White, that look somewhat similar. There was also an article on Muvipix, where a subscriber was experimenting with variations on Levels Transitions. I think that the poster was doing Dip to Black, but with an adjustment in Luma. I'll try to find it and post a link.




                    [Edit] I believe that this is the discussion that I recall. Unfortunately, it appears the links to the videos might be broken during the last software change-over. I'll see if Ron can restore those links, so the OP can see a variation on the Levels Transitions.

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                      the_wine_snob Thanks for the detailed information on the time effects in the video...i'll try to find a copy of the movie you mentioned..


                      You guys sure are experts here, i'm feeling a lot smaller now ... Thanks a lot for your time and help!