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    PE 3 Freezes & locks up computer

      I've made several short films with PE3 and have never had and difficulties that I couldn't overcome--until now.  Everything has been the same for this project as before, i.e. captured video from my MiniDV camera, no problem. Now when I edit, PE3 freezes--sometimes 15 minutes into a project, sometimes right after I reboot and start to make another edit.  Mostly, it seems to happen when I click on a clip and play it in the small pop-up window. It will freeze and the audio does about a 2-second loop. The entire computer locks up at that point----not even a Control-Alt-Delete will have an effect.


      I have tried loading the PE3 DVD and I clicking on the repair files option. Twice actually, to no avail.

      If I completly delete the PE3 program and reinstall, will I lose all the clips and what I've edited so far on this project?


      Thanks in advance for help on this frustrating problem.

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          You can re-install without impacting your project. Your project details are held in the .prel file in your project folder. This is not touched during a re-install.


          Also see this FAQ about cleaning up and maintaining your computer. Might help with your problem.


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            Thanks, Paul, I will give it a shot.

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              No luck! After doing a lot of maintenance, my computer still locks up on PE3 only.


              After deleting the program and re-installing it, PE 3 still locks up, yet the audio goes into a 1 second continuous loop. I have to turn the power off in order to reboot the system.


              One thing I just thought about---though I'm doubtful it is a cause---is that previous to this project, I used to capture my files from my MiniDV camera through a ADS Technologies PYRO A /V  Link Capture box. For this project, however, I ran the camera straight to the computer via a firewire cable.


              Also, I am unable to open several of my Auto-Saved projects. Any remedy for that?


              Any thoughts??

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                Paul_LS Level 4

                One thing have you applied the 3.0.2 update patch:  http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=3565


                Working with your camcorder directly via Firewire should be no issue.


                Only other thing is to make sure your drivers are up to date, in particular yoru audio driver, and quicktime. Make sure to look for updates for your audio driver at the Realtek homepage (assuming realtek), dont rely on yoru computer manufacturers updates.



                You autosave projects are probably corrupt if you cant open them. If you do manage to open them be sure to save the projects under a different name.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The Audio looping sounds like a driver issue. I agree with Paul on updating those first.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Your Project files, .PREL's, are XML database files, that basically link all of your Assets and instructions on your edits. This is the same for the AutoSave files. While these can be opened in WordPad, or similar, one would need to know XML programming language and its application to "fix" a file in a text editor.


                    Usually, when a .PREL (or PRPROJ in PrPro) will not load, it's because of a problem with the header data. There is a freeware program, XMLWrench, that can repair a lot of XML databases. It can be a lifesaver, on occasion. You will need to manually point it to the .PREL, since it does not have an .XML extension (the default for XMLWrench). The program will survey the file, and will report any problems. It can do a great deal more than just repair header data, but that is usually all that's required with .PREL's. It would certainly be worth a shot, and it's a good utility to have around. Unfortunately, beyond repairing headers, I am not that swift on all of it other powers, which are extensive. Most require a full knowledge of XML programming language, which I do not have. Still, the header repair is easy, and straightforward.


                    Good luck,



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                      Guys, thanks a lot for your informative replies.


                      I'll try the audio driver update first then the defrag.


                      I'm appreciative of all your time and effort to help me solve this FRUSTRATING problem.

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                        Hi Hunt.


                        I downloaded this program, ran it and opened the .prel file. It said I have

                        an error on line 0 (or something to that effect).  But I don't even see a

                        line 0. It starts at line 1.  I'm afraid this is beyond my area of (little)

                        expertise. Can this program magically fix the file, or would I need to know

                        some code language of some sort.


                        Anyway, after defragging and updating the PE 3.0 drivers, my computer is

                        still locking up.


                        Since my project is due next Tuesday, I am taking the painfully slow process

                        of moving all my movie clip files by thumbdrive to my other computer. I've

                        loaded the other computer with PE to see if I have better luck there.


                        I'd be appreciative for any more advice.


                        Thanks again,



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                          Paul_LS Level 4

                          Did you install the 3.0.2 patch as mentioned in my earlier post? This resolves some crash issues and aid's responsiveness during editing with XP. Also if you are running Vista it is required for compatibility.

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                            Yep, I installed the patch. I'm running XP Pro.

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                              Paul_LS Level 4

                              Well, I am not sure what it can be... if you have done "housecleaning" maintenance on your computer, updated your drivers, installed the 3.0.2 patch, you are using DV-AVI files... not much else I can think of.


                              Only thing is, can you load the tutorial and work with that... do you still get freeze up after some time?

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                                paulgoelz Level 1

                                Have you tried opening the project while monitoring RAM with Task Manager?  I find that things get wierd and unpredictable without warning on a 32 bit OS if your project reaches the point of stressing your available resources.  32 bit XP will only hand out 2GB of the total 4GB of addressable virtual RAM per application (the other 2GB per application is reserved for the system) and I find that things get unpredictable at about the 1.5GB point.  The RAM in use can also creep upwards as you edit or sometimes even if you just scrub along the timeline.  Depending on what you are trying to edit, 1.5GB in use can be reached with as little as 10-30 minutes of HD video.  More than that for SD.


                                I am not entirely sure how to interpret the RAM usage in Task Manager so take this with a bit of a grain of salt.  However, the 1.5GB point reported by Task Manager where things go bad has been pretty repeatable in my experience. I would like to suggest that keeping Task Manager open while editing problem projects be tested by others and then added to the FAQs.  Watching RAM creep past 1.5GB (x86) is so far the ONLY thing that seemed to correlate crashes and freezes with anything observable.


                                Things get quite a bit better on a 64 bit OS even though PE is still a 32 bit app.  I am using PE7 on my 1.6GHz dual core laptop under Vista Ultimate x64 with zero issues so far.  I can even multi-task while rendering video with very little observable impact.


                                Paul (another one)

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                                  Paul_LS Level 4

                                  Yes Paul, I totally agree, I see the same thing when editing HDV or AVCHD.... but with DV-AVI after 15 minutes of editing... seems strange. Unless Hank has a lot of oversized photos on the timeline.

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                                    Okay guys, I'm having some success now--compared to what I had been going though.


                                    I defragmented the harddrive--which took about 6 hours. Downloaded the latest 3.02 update. Then I downloaded and used the CCleaner utility.


                                    I was able to edit for about 45 minutes and it ONLY locked up once. I can live with that for now---as this project is due next week. I SAVE after every edit.


                                    I've only got 2 gigs of RAM. Do you think upgrading to say, 4 gigs, would be benefitial and help prevent the computer from freezing up? I'm not editing HD, only the MiniDV format.

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                                      Paul_LS Level 4

                                      For MiniDV format 2GB is more than enough... If I recall Adobe recommended 1GB per hour of video on the timeline for DV-AVI. Also, I recall, with earlier versions of PE (such as yours) some folks had issues with 2GB of RAM... reducing the RAM to 1GB solved a lot of stability issues. But I think this was somewhat hardware dependant.

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                                        I did play around with the tutorial and it eventually locked up as well.


                                        I was editing fine a month ago, then got the bright idea of going to

                                        Filehippo.com and updating all kinds of files. Maybe I should see if I can

                                        "Restore" my computer to the way it was a month ago.....