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    projector Icon is not showed under Mac

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      I have Macromedia Director Max 2004 for Windows and want to create a osx
      projector for Mac OS X
      Checkbox "custom Icon for application file" in Publish settings dialog is
      selected, i choose also an existing Icon file from my HD
      The problem is - when I publish my app and get hgx-file, then copy it on mac
      and expand it there - the systems shos standard director icon for expanded
      osx file

      I've tried it with setting ico-file as desired icon - result - windows
      projector (exe) has correct Icon, osx after expand - director icon, and with
      icns-file - both in windows as under Mac projector-files have standard
      When I use trial verion of director under Mac and select the same icns file
      for icon - the icon of created projector is OK. Bt This solution can not
      help me, because I do not own Mac version of Director.

      So I SHOULD create a mac Projector under windows with correct Icon

      What Am I doing wrong and what is the right workflow for this task?

      Any help will be appreciated

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          You're not really doing anything wrong. Director can only install a custom icon to the projector for the current platform. This means that you can only set a Windows projector icon on the Windows version. You'll have to set the Mac icon after you unpack the hqx.
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            fazstp Level 2
            If you have a standard icon (one that displays in the Finder) you can copy & paste it on the projector in the Finder's info window. Get the info on the icon, select the icon up the top of the info window, command-c to copy it. Get the info on the application, select the icon up the top of the info window, command-v to paste it.

            You can also add the icns to a projector bundle. Ctrl-click on the application and select Show package contents. Add a Resources folder under Contents and place your icns file in it.


            Open the Info.plist file in TextEdit and add a key with the name of your icon;


            Not sure if this requires a Finder re-launch to display the icon correctly.