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    Capture problem in CS4


      Just moved up from CS3 to CS4. Everything worked well in CS3 but upgraded to Vista 64bit OS as well as CS4.

      Trying to capture HDV from Canon XH-A1 and Sony HVR-M15U but get "Tape ejected" at the top of the Capture window when trying to capture from Canon and "no frames captured" from Sony.

      Everything had worked well on 32bit OS with CS3. Mobo drivers updated with move to 64bit OS.Same problem with the Matrox card drivers installed and removed.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.


      System: Gigabyte P38 mobo with 8GB PC 8500 RAM, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, Matrox RT.X2, 400GB SATA2 program drive, 2TB Raid 5 capture drive.