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    Titles don't show after moving project

    paulgoelz Level 1

      Anyone got any ideas?  I created a slideshow in PE7 with titles.  Worked fine and I rendered it to a WMV file.  I then moved the project to a different PC (same OS and version of PE) by copying the raw footage, the project folders and prel file.  The project opens fine on the new PC and behaves normally in all respects except that the titles are not visible when playing the slideshow within PE.  They are there on the second video track as well as the asset list and can be moved and edited normally.  While in edit mode (double click the title), they show superimposed over the slide as expected, but as soon as I drop out of edit mode and play the slideshow, they go invisible again.  Video level in the titles is at 100%.


      A second project (video instead of a slide show) was also moved at the same time and in the same way.  It also incorporates titles and they ARE visible when the project is played in PE.


      Did I perhaps miss copying a file that is not stored with the rest of the project?




      PS:  What is with the "points" system?  When I created this post I was asked if it was a question.  Since it was, I said YES.  Then I saw when I posted it that I get one correct answer for 10 points or two helpful answers for 5 points.  Huh?  Or is it the other way around... I can GIVE 10 points for a correct answer?  Did I miss the "rules" somewhere?  Or are the points meaningless and I should just ignore them?


      Note that it said I had 15 minutes to unmark the post as a question, but I can't find anywhere to do that.  No, wait.... I found it and un-marked it.  Turns out that part of the verbiage that said I had 15 minutes to unmark the post as a question was a non-underlined link.  Not visible as a link unless you hover over it.  Un-marking the post as a question doesn't seem to have done anyting to the post..... so what is the point of the points?


      Not liking the new and "improved" forum much yet.  Too slow and too confusing.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the "New & Improved" Adobe forum! Unfortunately, I'm with you on my rating of it. I miss the old one, but then I'm a status-quo sort of person. I'm also not sure about the "points" thing. Maybe one wins a trip to San Jose to spend a day with the program manager?


          Now, to your question: I think that you did everything right, or almost everything. You are correct that the Titles are stored in .PREL file, and that they appear on your Timeline is a good thing. When you Dbl-click them, you see them fine in the Titler Panel. Another good thing. That they show over the Video in Titler points out that they are correct, in and of themselves. More good news. However, I thought that you were about to say that you found that an Opacity change had accidently occurred, but you say that it's at 100%, which *should* be correct.


          Now, I do not have PE7, and also use PrPro much more than my PE4, so you have to be my "eyes." If you Rt-click on a Title in the Timeline (Video Track 2?), look at the drop-down Menu. Is Enable checked? If not, check it and see what happens. Other than an Opacity change, which you investigated, that is all I can think of for your display problem. If the Title is NOT Enabled, you'll still see it in the Titler, but not the Monitor Panel.


          Good luck, and we will all learn the new fora. Not sure that we will learn to "love" them, but we'll learn them.




          PS if this works, do I get the 10 pts? I can use a trip to San Jose...

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            You could also export your title from the old project and then add it as an asset in the new project. Click on the title, then go File>Export>Title and it will be exported as a .prtl file. You can then add this to your new project and re-associate it.

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              paulgoelz Level 1

              Hmmmm.... I was not aware that titles could be enabled or disabled.  I'll have to look.  That would certainly fit the symptoms.


              If by opacity you mean the video level line, yes it is at 100%.


              As for exporting titles, there are quire a few.... too cumbersome to one at a time.


              FWIW, I had this typed up before lunch but when I posted it, the process froze.  I finally gave up and closed the browser and went to lunch.  Fortunately, I have gotten in the habit of hitting <CTL> C before posting so after lunch I was able to paste the text into a new reply window.  Let's see if it works this time......


              I appreciate that this forum is here but I have to say that I don't read it anywhere near as often as I used to because it is so painfully slow.  I still think it is a Java thing.... when it is slow and unresponsive, CPU is maxed out.  Definitely not acceptable for a page that is after all mostly static text.  But I have to say that is par for the course in my experience with PE.  Sorry, I just could NOT resist.....


              No on the points... I unmarked it as a question thinking (falsely, it turns out) that there might be a points "budget" and I was only allowed so many.  I have seen that on other support forums.


              Maybe I'll go to a lesser used forum and create a second identity and then answer my own questions and rack up points.  How silly.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Good luck with the Titles.


                Dang, and had my bags packed for San Jose!


                I've yet to have the new forum eat a post, but it's been happening a lot on Chowhound.com. I've gotten so that I do everything in WordPerfect and Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v, so I have the text, when the server crumps.