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    Production and Development servers

    rmorgan Level 1


      I am looking for input on how some of you may handle this situation. I have a production and a development server for the obvious reasons. But what I would like to do is have a dynamic way for the application to tell what server it is on. For instance, during development/testing there will be "fake" cases built that only the test group needs to be aware of and as an example the system will email the "fake" results to my test team so that they can see what is happening on the test side. But, once I implement and move everything to production the test rules no longer apply. As it is now, I manually make the switches in code manually between test and production scenarios. What I would like acheive is the application to just "know" what to do based on the server it is running from. I know I could write some code to look at the URL to distinguish the difference, but I dont like that idea. I would like a solution that would perform more at the system level. Any ideas?