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    Image files in root folder

      Hello all,

      I just recently started to use Robo Help 7 and I noticed that all of my images I copy to my topics are piling up in the root folder. Is there a way i can default all images to go into a folder or am i stuck having to move them manually into a folder? If I am stuck moving images to another folder is there a way i can keep the new image files that are being made from being replaced when i move them to my image folder? i.e my image files are being labeled image07.jpg image08.jpg and so on. is there a way to keep them going instead of going back to image01.jpg?

      Thank You,
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          Welcome to our community, Tim

          As you have seen, RoboHelp defaults to storing the images in the root folder. Certainly you are free to store them elsewhere. But this will be a totally manual operation on your behalf. RoboHelp will do nothing to assist you with this.

          When moving images into folders, always be certain you do so from inside RoboHelp and NOT from Windows Explorer. If you do, RoboHelp will wander around all bug eyed looking for its images!

          As for naming, I would strongly recommend you use fairly descriptive naming. Using Image07.jpg sure doesn't seem to indicate what that image would be of!

          Cheers... Rick
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            I'm a bit confused as to how you produce your images ['images I copy to my topics'] - maybe RoboHelp 7 has a screen capture or something I'm unaware of.

            When I capture an image (I use FullShot) for our help file, I save it to a folder in my help project. Then when I add it to the help file, using RoboHelp, I select that folder and the image is listed and I add it to the project directly from the folder I want it in. This keeps RH from copying the image from another location and having duplicate files on my computer. I thought this was pretty standard procedure. Hope this may help a little.


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              Hi John

              Yes, RoboHelp 7 ships with RoboScreen Capture. I've heard some claim that perhaps the screen capture is a variant of HyperSnap, as apparently that application looks a LOT like RoboScreen Capture.

              RoboHelp 7 actually has a toolbar button that may be used to launch RoboScreen Capture.

              Versions of RoboHelp HTML prior to 7 allowed pasting of images from the Windows Clipboard. The issue with that is that RoboHelp names the images generically.

              I work like you do.

              Cheers... Rick
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                Thanks for the info, Rick.

                With every new version of RoboHelp, I download the trial version, check it out for a while, look at the price tag and my trusty old RoboHelp 2000, and think there really isn't a lot that I need - I don't do anything except compiled help, so all the webhelp, single source layouts, and stuff that has been added recently is superfluous to me. Well, snippets and conditional tags are enticing.

                And as I read these forums it seems that bloated software is becoming more and more the hurdles the users (of RoboHelp and our own applications, too) need to jump over. As a help author, it is ironic that as our software adds more and more options, presumably to make it easier to use - you can copy and paste, drag and drop, use the menu, dialogs, whatever to accomplish the same task - it actually gets more difficult to teach someone how to use it.

                Anyway, I'll get off the soapbox. To keep things in perspective, I do still drive a Festiva.