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    problems w/ menu.show while PopupManager displays popup


      I get the following error (flex 3.2) whenever I have a popup displayed by the PopupManager and

      the code tries to display a menu outside the popup using menu.show().   If the popup is not shown

      then the menu.show runs properly.  Has anyone seen this behavior before???


      Basically I'm trying to make my own menubar with vertical separators and a right-aligned menu

      (like the help menu in motif which is always on the right edge of the menu bar)

      The popupmanager code is being done by something independent of the menu, but when the popup

      is displayed, the menu doesn't work


      at mx.managers::SystemManager/updateLastActiveForm()[]
      at mx.managers::SystemManager/activateForm()[]
      at mx.managers::SystemManager/activate()[]
      at mx.controls::Menu/show()[]
      at App/showMenu()[]
      at App/__galleries_click()[]