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    XML and Combo boxes

    Dave.Hollings Level 1

      I have managed to get the first part of my app working, however would appreciate some help on getting the second part completed as after about 4 hours of trying various ways I just got myself in a total mess.

      Firstly let me set the scene: I have three combo boxes (cb_country, cb_region & cb_province) and three dynamic text boxes (countrycode_txt, regioncode_txt & provincecode_txt. The app is to help users ascertain what ISO country, region and province code is required as they cannot input into a system the name it will only take the ISO code.

      The AS2 code reads in an xml sheet, I have attached a snippet of the code below. cb_country works fine reads in the correct node description and if selected inserts the data label into a countrycode_txt.

      What I am trying to do is extend this so if the user selects United Kingdom from cb_country, cb_region populates with the regions within United kingdom. Once they select the region cb_province populates with provinces within that region. (e.g. United Kingdom, England, Cambridgeshire) The text areas auto populate with the correct ISO code relating to the selected item (e.g. GB, 900, 618).

      All of this information is stored in the xml file and I am totally stuck on how to get this rest of the information out and into the correct component.

      I would really appreciate any help provided to complete this project.

      Kind regards