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    Dataprovider in AS3


      Hi guys,


      I have problem with setting up Slideshow directly from AS3 (www.fxcomponents.com, extends UIComponent)
      The following line seems not to work:



      mySlideshow.dataProvider=myArray; <- this neither


      ... and cannot access class fl.data.DataProvider to define it.


      Could anybody show me an example how to pass dataProvider to this (or similar) UIComponent in Flex AS3, please?



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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          This is the right way mySlideshow.dataProvider=myArray, it looks like there's a problem with your dataProvider probably the custom controls expects data in a determined way and you aren't setting your Array in that way.

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            a1berc1k Level 1



            Thanx for your answer.


            when 'something' is [Bindable] array:

            <custom:Slideshow dataProvider="{something}"> <-works

            mySlideshow.dataProvider=something <- doesn't (gives me null as a result)


            I remember similar problems with repeater control, but I cannot find examples now...