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      Is it in fact not possible to change a path to a quicktime or an audio file afterwards? The property inspector > member shows the correct path to the new file location. Nevertheless when I publish the movie, it stops where the media should appear and you get asked where the quicktime movie is?





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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          You need to keep the QT movie in the same relative location.  If your movie is in:




          and your QT is in




          Then you would need to make sure that when you publish the projector, you have the qt.mov file in a \movie\ subfolder underneath it.


          The easiest way is just to keep them all in the same folder, then you don't have to worry about anything.

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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            Check the docs for '_player.searchPathList' - in short, this property of the Player object is a linear list of fully qualified paths that the player will search through looking for linked content before it displays the "Where is ..." dialog.

            That being said, you shouldn't be having this issue. It suggests that you've moved an asset or a castLib prior to publishing and that Director has thus lost its relative path at publish time, or that you linked an asset located in a folder named "such-and-such" and then moved it into a different folder (or renamed such-and-such) after publishing with the expectation it would be automatically located

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              SimonBaum09 Level 1



              Thanks for your answer. But where do I find this ominous doc? This path problem drives me nuts. In the authoring mode the Quicktime Movie is playing and the Sound Files as well - so Director can find them. But in the Projector mode Director is searching the Media files at the old location!





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                Mike Blaustein Level 4

                As I said, if you put the videos in the same location as the director movie, then publish it, everything should work.  You would also include the videos in the same folder as the projector.


                Or you could keep the relative paths intact.


                Or you could take Sean's suggestion and use the searchpaths property.

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                  Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional
                  But where do I find this ominous doc?

                  Press F1; or choose the menu option Help -> Director Help; or open a script window (or the message window) and click the L icon on the toolbar at the top of the window and roll your mouse down to Se -> searchPathList and hold down the Shift key when clicking the left mouse button over the entry; or type searchPathList into a script window and right-click it for a contextual menu and choose Lingo Help (not guaranteed to take you to the correct entry); or visit the DOUG WIKI; or ...