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    .w3d format




      Are there current libraries for exporting to the .w3d file format.


      The w3d sdk has a library from 2001 for Windows and no library at all for Mac OS X.


      Are there new library versions planned? If not, is there a replacement for the .w3d file format?






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          tyree_2 Level 2

          the w3d format works it doesnt need to be replaced. it can be improved upon. Ive dealt with various exporters, none that Ive encountered work as well as w3d does. I ran into one that had a leg up on it as far animation but that was it.

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            Hi Tyree,


            Im no doubt .w3d works.. What I am looking for is a SDK library to OSX, which we dont have in our 3d application, our 3d application was rebuild to MacIntel machines but the .w3d library to use in the exporter is not working in the new Macintel machines.