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    security issue

    Christian Giordano Level 1

      Hi guys, I think I got stuck again on a security issue. What I would like to do is passing to the application the local url of a swf file and the xml files to load. Then with swfobject I would embed the swf file and pass the paths of the xml files to load. Of course the swf should be able to load also content from the net

      I know it might sound crazy and very unsafe operation, but at the end is what you need if you want to test some files before uploading them on the server.

      Is it becuase not being the swf file in the app package, it cannot access both local and net files? When the swf is included in the package, it seems  to being able to load the local xml and then freeze, I presume when it gets prompted to load remote content throws a security error. Not being able to use the debug flash player in the air application is a real pain.

      I could pass the data as string, and embed the swf in the package, but it would be much better if the swf could be some how updatable. Can someone confirm me there is no way for me or the user to give to a local swf permission to load remote files or to replace the swf inside the package?


      Thanks a lot, chr