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    printer name too long for Acrobat Reader - can't see the whole printer name so can't select a printer


      This is actually causing siginificant pain as I am using a tablet and moving around a number of floors/buildings needing to be able to print from where I am.


      When printing from Acrobat reader, the print dialog box that comes up does not have a horizontal scroll bar and does not fit in the names of the printers in my organisation. We are unable to change the printer name (this is a political issue within a global company, not a technical issue), so it basically means that when using Acrobat, we can't select a printer.


      All other windows applications show more characters and also have a horizontal scroll bar in the print dialog box so you can scroll across to see the rest of a long printer name. Why is acrobat not using the standard windows print dialog?


      Has anyone come across this? Help!