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    [JS,CS3/4] ANN: JavaScript Reference Guide

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      Looking for the JavaScript Reference Guide for CS3 or CS4? Adobe no longer offers separately downloadable documents, as they did for previous versions; instead, it's all integrated in the ExtendScript Toolkit Editor. Just look under 'Help', then choose a program. Not using the ESTK? Or perhaps you just want a prettier display ... :-)


      So I reformatted the reference guides into fancy HTML, and I was even able to wring some additional information out of it, such as more comprehensive hyperlinks, a full index, and -- the best feature! -- a visual Hierarchy of each object and its place in the application.


      The HTML version works with any web browser, but full text searching may be difficult. Windows users are advised to download the CHM (Compiled HTML) version, which offers free full text search, as well as a comprehensive Table of Contents and an index.


      Available for CS3 and CS4, from http://www.jongware.com/idjshelp.html


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