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    Help with Timeline Navigation Problem


      Here's my problem: I've created a simple Flash slideshow with buttons that play the slides, stop the playhead and also next and back buttons.


      All of these are on a layer named Buttons and they all work perfectly.


      I also created another button that takes the playhead to a small sequence that's at the end of the original timeline.  The first frame of this little sequence has a label that the button points to.  Still no problem.  This new button does what it's supposed to do.


      My problem came in when I finally decided that I wanted to last frame of the small sequence to return the playhead to a specific frame.... other than the first frame.  When I added the code: gotoAndStop(2), or gotoAndPlay(2), the playhead does indeed to to the second frame but for some reason it deactivates the code that controls the other buttons.


      When I remove the code in this last frame all of the buttons work fine.  Adding it disqualifies the code for the other buttons.


      Can anyone help me understand why this happens?  Also, can you offer a suggestion for how to cause the last frame to move the playhead to a designated frame without canceling the control of the other buttons?


      Thanks in advance for your help,