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    Downloading PDF file to print?


        I am using Reader 9.1 and am unable to print a document because it will only download 80% to 95% of the document.  What do I do to solve the problem?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not a function of Reader. Some ISPs and some browsers restrict the size of the files that can be downloaded. To see if that is the case for you, in the browser right-click on the link to the pdf file and save the file directly to your hard drive. Then try readinging the file by opening the file in Reader.

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            Ah, thanks Michael,


            I seem to have intermitent problems with Chrome downloading PDF's, often they just time out. I want to put a whole lot of PDF's about franchising on my franchise site which I am re-vamping, but if people have the same trouble downloading them that I seem to have, I wouldn't want to do it. I'll recommend viewers right-click.

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If it IS a limitation of the file size, have you tried optimizing the PDF's to reduce the file size some? Even an exceptionally large (meaning many pages) PDF can be optimized to work with most setups.

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                Level 1

                This is where my ignorance is going to show, but how is a PDF optimized?



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                  ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I probably assumed incorrectly that since you were putting PDF's on your site, you would be creating them. Sorry. After re-reading, I guess you could be putting PDF's that OTHER people created on your site.


                  What it boils down to is you would use Acrobat to either optimize the PDF when you first create it or take previously created PDF's and use the Optimize function.

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                    Thanks for your reply,


                    I have quite a lot of material ready, some of it my own and some authored by others. My stuff is all in .doc or .txt format and the rest is in various formats.

                    I just didn't realise there was an "optimize" function in Adobe (embarrassed grin).



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                      Jacques-Coeur Level 1

                        I am the original poster - Jacques-Coeur.  Just to clarify, the file I am trying to download is an 11 page document from Vanguard with 274.03KB.  Depending on the mood of Reader 9.1 and Dell, between 80% to 95% of the document will be downloaded.

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                        ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Well that's not a very large document at all. I assume you can right click, save the file, and open it by double clicking?

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                          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          mike1a2b wrote:


                          I just didn't realise there was an "optimize" function in Adobe (embarrassed grin).



                          Just to be sure we're talking the same thing yes, there is an optimize function in Adobe Acrobat but not in Adobe Reader.

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                            Fiat_Lux Level 1

                            I suggest that you firstly try to save the document by right clicking link and choose "save destination as" (or what ever it offers) as suggested already by other forum participants.

                            Also you could try using another browser (e.g. : FireFox instead of I.E.)

                            But , if you wish to isolate the problem then you could try to un-install Reader 9.1 re-boot and then click the link , then the document will no-longer be offered as being able to be opened in your browser but only to save to your drive.

                            If you can download and the problem turns out to be that you just can't get it with Reader 9.1 , then un-install Reader 9.1 and install Reader 8.12 if you can get that.   Alternatively try "Foxit Reader 3.0 for Windows" , I don't know if they got an I.E. plugin but they state that they got a plugin for FireFox .    (I haven't used "Foxit Reader 3.0 for Windows" myself yet....  -  I just installed an Adobe Reader 8.12 when my Reader 9.1 problems persisted !)



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                              Jacques-Coeur Level 1

                                I am the original poster of the above question.  What I don't understand is how answers to a completely different question are listed on this thread.  It is very confusing since I'm not sure if a potential solution is for my question or the one posed by mike1a2b.


                                As to the solution for my question, I can't believe that an 11 page document can't be printed straight out of Reader 9.1.  I can't say with absolute certainty that I've printed documents larger than this, but in the some 15 years on the net I would assume that to be the case.


                                To have to solve the problem, as some posters have suggested, by right clicking, saving the file to disk, etc. would indicate to me that the programmers of Reader have fallen down on the job.  An 11 page document is certainly not that large.


                                A different question...how do I stop receiving all the emails telling me that there is another post to the thread?

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                                Fiat_Lux Level 1

                                With respect to not being notified per e-mail of updates to your thread then I guess that you should click the link "Your stuff" almost at the top of the page and set your preferences there......

                                (That ofcourse require that you are "logged in")



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                                  Fiat_Lux Level 1



                                  Also : You can print very lenghty Adobe .pdf documents so your situation is not as it should be (still don't know where your problem is!)

                                  Note : it's a good idea not to try to scroll documents or otherwise work with them until they are completely loaded into your Browser.

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                                    Jacques-Coeur Level 1

                                    I just tried downloading the 11 page document again and, wonder of wonders, it downloaded 100% of the document.  Only problem was that it would not print.


                                      I would delete 9.1 and reinstall 8, but a post in this thread suggested that doing that caused him even more problems.  I've given up on Reader and ordered the document from Vanguard.

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                                      Fiat_Lux Level 1

                                      With respect to what others might suggest to you - then I personally does what I have to do to get things running , I ofcourse listen to any reasonable suggestion and takes it into consideration if I should try it or not..


                                      to not try un-installing Reader 9.x and then try to install Reader 8.x , just because someone says problem could get worse is not something I would listen to.   Un-installing Reader 9.x and then try to install Reader 8.x ought not do not do any harm - you can always un-install Reader 8.x and then  re-install Reader 9.x if you have any regrets.

                                      Anyway perhaps it's time to introduce the most basic with respect to having a modern PC with software installation :

                                      BACKUP !!!!!!!!

                                      Anytime your installation has reached a state where you do not want to do it all over , or do not want to loose the data you have , then take a backup of your installation.   Do NOT EVER rely only on Windows restore points and simple Windows XP built-in backup program (other for simple file backup) , use a high quality image-backup program such as : e.g. Symantec Norton Ghost and take a full image-backup once in a while + save your backups to storage media (such as CD or DVD) chronologically so you can always go back to a specific point in time and restore to that (if you later found out that you had a problem that you were un-aware of !) (also some backup programs may allow you to extract single files from an image for restore purposes) .

                                      Hence if anyone , I or others , give you any suggestions and you are in any doubt at all , then start by taking a backup of your installation , you will then have the capeability to revert to that if anything goes "haywire" .....   (Also : anytime you think that your installation is running great , un-infected , clean and without problems then is the time to take a backup rather than leaning back and enjoying things !!!!)

                                      With a nice image-backup to roll back to then from time to time just use simple file backup (copy your files to CD or DVD) to avoid loosing altered content - this ofcourse inbetween your image-backups..................


                                      With respect to Adobe Reader and print problems : then I don't know if downgrading from Reader 9.x to 8.x will help you , in any case , you could still try - just to see if it makes any difference.   My personal experience with printing problems with Adobe Reader has been that it was a composite problem consisting of some versions of Adobe Reader with some versions of printer driver or sometimes solution was to use another browser , but it has been necessary for me , more times , to use another version of driver for my printer just to satisfy Adobe Reader X.XX......


                                      With kind regards


                                      Fiat Lux !  

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                                        Alright folks...heres the problem. I need to convert several thousand AutoCAD files to B size pdf's. Some of these drawings are C size some are B size and some a D. Without opening every one, doing a zoom ext. plot / adobe / 11 x 17 set plot style/ plot / save. How can I globally set plot size and plot style (line weights & such) in Adobe? If I open with Adobe and go straight to convert to pdf, some drawings are the size of a postage stamp...I'm open to any suggestions?