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    Unable to test third party component using QTP plugin for flex

      We are developing flex application, where we are using Flex SDK 3.0 (free) for development.
      We have one third party component(like Canvas) inside flex application. We are dynamically adding child component inside this third party component(Canvas).
      When we try to test this application using QTP to do automated testing, QTP identifies this third party component as a single “FlexObject” and it does not identify a child component added dynamically inside Canvas. So we are unable to test using QTP automated testing.
      Can you please suggest how can we over come this problem in QTP to do automated testing of third party components.
      In this Application parent layer is a “Flex Application”, we have added third party component(Canvas) inside “Flex Application”. Child component is added inside this component. QTP is able to identify “Flex Application” layer, and for third party component(Canvas) it identifies as a single “FlexObject”. QTP does not identify child component inside third party component.
      Please mention technical support phone numbers or email id.
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          Here it looks like that thirdParty component is just a UIComponent but used as a specific container.

          So in this case, you need to provide meaningful delegate for this custom component. From the context looks like the custom component is used as a container. So you need to provide methods like getAutomationChildAt numAutomationChildren etc for the delegate

          refer Help of FlexBuilder - Flex Data Visualization Developer's Guide / Advanced Data Grid Controls and Automation Tools / Creating Applications for Testing - Instrumenting custom components and Instrumenting composite components

          You can contact me at ranik@adobe.com if you have specific doubts.
          for details