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    Director Quiz Help

      Hi all! I'm making a small quizzie using Director 2004 mx and here follows a small outline of what i want to do. There are 10 questions with 4 answers each. I have created 1 sprite for the question, 4 for the answers and other 4 sprites for an icon that shows up with an x mark if the question is incorrect and a v mark when the question is correct. I want to implement a behaviour on the v mark so when the user selects the right answer then he can proceed to the next frame where the next question is but i want him to wait for 4 seconds before he gets there. Ive implemented everything so far except this delay feauture and i don't really know how can that be possible. I was thinking about using probably the library behaviour go to frame x , but i dont know how to put a delay effect on it when i press the correct answer.  Any suggestions?