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    MediaBin- link images

    Oviya... Level 1



      How to link images of indesign document opened from scent server into mediabin....

      MediaBin contains all the art... the links in the indesign documents must link to the mediabin...

      Can Someone pls guide...


      Thank You.

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          Dave Saunders Level 4

          It is very difficult to understand your request.


          This is the scripting forum but you do not seem to be asking about scripting.


          You're using terms, 'MediaBin' and 'scent server', that seem to be highly specific to your setup and workflow.


          What kind of help are you looking for? If it is not about scripting, I suggest you post again in the InDesign forum and provide a whole lot more detail, including: version of InDesign, platform, network setup (if servers are involved).