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    flex to pdf


      hi.. i need to convert my grid and charts from flex to pdf.. how to create pdf template? so that i can import my data set into pdf template?? am using live cycle designer trail version.. or any alternative method to convert flex to pdf????


      thanks in advance.

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          You could use AlivePDF to create PDF files inside Flex.

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            sathiyabala Level 1

            thank u for ur reply..


            but its based on PHP with Cold Fusion.. i am using java backend.. can we create pdf template in Alivepdf?


            thnku in advance

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              Michael Borbor Level 4

              Depends on what you mean by Templates, with AlivePDF what you can do is for instance add a DataGrid and create a PDF on the fly, but if you're running Coldfusion there you have your solution CF is great at creating PDFs.

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                Ansury Level 3

                Have they gotten that "direct to drive file save" working that they said would be possible with Flash 10?


                Flash 9 version did this insane process where it uploads the pdf back to the server, and then streams it back to the client as a regular download. So the data was basically going over the wire three times back and forth. Terrible. I hope that can be avoided now?

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                  Michael Borbor Level 4

                  What do you mean by "direct drive save"?

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                    hi, I'm trying to just get this AlivePDF set up to try it out and use.


                    I am migrating a Flex 2 app to Flex3 specifically in order to use AlivePDF. I downloaded and installed the latest stable build of the Flex 3 SDK and have now compiled the Flex 2 app (of course with some changes).


                    I have tried to statically load the AlivePDF.swc (both the and 0.1.5 versions). I've used mxmlc with both a command line argument "library-path += " and by modifying the flex_config.xml file adding a new "path-element".


                    I've had the swc file both in a subdirectory of the application directory and in the same directory as the mxml file.


                    I keep getting a compile error that it can't open the file "...\AlivePDF.swc".


                    Help, anybody............