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    Video bug in Internet Explorer for playing an FLV

      Dear fellow-flashdesigners.


      I'm having a "small" bug with Internet Explorer.
      I was just testing a flashwebsite, and it seems that something doesn't work in IE. I tested it on Mac (both Firefox and Safari) and on Pc, and it all works except it IE on pc
      It concerns the movie that should play when you hit the button portfolio. (check it in Firefox first).




      Now the code behind it all;
      the movie loads in through an external swf that loads in an external flv.


      The movie on the homepage starts automatically because on the first frame of the movieclip that slides in, there is this line of code;


      everything ok till there.


      But then the other one that doesn't work in IE
      Behind the button portfolio; there's an "on release" with this;




      as you can see its a few levels down, but thats necessary for the sliding-windows code.


      Any ideas so far on why IE doesn't play the movie?
      I'm just hoping someone has had this problem before, because I seriously don't know how to fix this and I can't telly my clients this


      Hoping for some ideas,