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    Please help - I deleted cineform files and now video is washed out, don't know how to fix

      I did the trial of CineForm Neo Scene, loved it, and then it expired.  So I did an uninstall, and since those never seem to clear everything, I did a search for "cineform" and found a few more files and deleted those also.  Well, I got a nasty shock when I went to re-encode a project file - my video is all washed out, no contrast and looks dreadful.  I don't understand, this is an old project and I never used any Cineform files in it, so what happened?  Did Premiere have other files with Cineform in the name?  Can somebody do a search of your computer and see if you find any?  I'm running Windows XP. I think one was named like "cineform.cab" and there were a couple others also.  I can't find my disc to do a reinstall of Premiere, and who knows if that would even help.  This could be some codec that I downloaded ages ago that I accidentally killed.


      Naturally, I rushed back to the Cineform site, redownload and reinstalled the trial, but no joy.  Doing a system restore didn't help either.


      Somebody please help me.  I need this file for a client who wants it rendered at a different size, and I don't have a master video that I can encode from, just my mov files and the Premiere project file.  The mov files look right when I view with VLC player, but in Premiere they're terrible and they encode that way also.