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    bug report: swc and filters

    theErez Level 1


      just stumbled upon an interesting, rare and easily reproducible bug i though i'd share with the community.

      in order to re-create this bug you need a fla containing a button, which is made of a movie-clip, which has a filter attach to (doesn't matter which).  add linkage to the button in the library, and export the fla as a SWC file (in the publish settings window, the checkbox on the SWF tab).  next step is to create another fla, and place it in the same folder where you have you SWC file.  once saved, the only thing you need to do is put some action script in the first frame (a 'stop();' command would do), and check syntax  - either ctrl+t or the 'check syntax'  button in the action panel.  at this point, what i got was an alert saying "The script contains errors.  the errors encountered are listed in the compiler error panel', however - the compiler error panel is empty!

      want to get rid of this error message?  either remove the filter you added to the MC inside the button, or place the swc not in the same folder with your fla.

      used Flash CS3 to create it.  (would have added an example, but can't attach neither zip/rar nor fla files...)


      any adobe representative has any comment?