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    Need suggestion

    Winston2 Level 1

      I am using Captivate 3.

      The slides for my eLearnings are complete.

      Now I need someone from within my organization to provide narration.

      What is the best way to do this since they do not own a copy of Captivate?


      Is there an easy way to export the script?

      Can they use a program like Sound Recorder or should I look for something better.

      Thanks very much.

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          chopper523 Level 1

          Make sure they are in a quiet room and use any audio recording software. Audacity is a free one that works very well. We use a Logitech microphone available at Best Buy.


          I would write the script myself and plan how you are going to attach all the audio. Will you attach it to the captions, to the slide itself? Adding audio after the fact will throw all your timing off if you have that already set so be prepared for more editing and timing work once the audio is in.


          You don't want a steady stream of audio that you are going to have to chop up later. If you write a script for every caption, have them record the audio for that caption and stop. Move on to the next caption.


          You can import the audio to Captivate and even edit it there. In the Properties of any slide or caption you have an audio tab that will help you import and edit.


          Adding audio makes a very dynamic presentation. Good Luck to you!

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            chopper523 Level 1

            One other thing.


            We noticed that unused audio, graphics, whatever seriously impact the size of the finished project. So if you import any audio and then end up not using it, be sure to delete it as it does take up a lot of space. Do this in the Library pane.