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    Can I edit the HTML version of DHTML text?

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      I'm having a formatting issue with my drop-down hotspot text that I cannot edit in Design mode. Let me explain my problem:


      I have a bulleted list, 3 bullets, each bullet is a hotspot. Within the hotspot text box, I have numbered procedures in all 3 cases. However, when I view my page (using the eye glasses icon), my numbers have turned into bullets! I don't want this -- I want my numbered procedures in the hotspot text to remain numbered, but since I cannot see the problem in the hotspot text box, I cannot change it. Sometimes, when editing topic text, you can jump to the HTML to fix <span> issues (font changes, spacing. etc.). But, I cannot seem to edit the hotspot text in the same way. Does it reside in a different file from the topic? It's an odd problem...I think this is the first time I'm seeing it.


      Thank you very much for your help!



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          I have an addendum to the problem...


          I am not using one of the standard 3 bullets that RoboHelp offers, but I have created a bullet style that uses my own graphic for bullets. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but I know when I change my bullet style to one of the RoboHelp bullets (using the bullet icon in the toolbar as opposed to my paragraph style), the numbering in the DHTML hotspot looks fine. So, maybe it has something to do with my bullet style. I'm just not sure what to fix. Thanks!!

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            If you highlight one of your DHTML Dropdowns and go in the Truecode (or HTML tab in RH7 or later) you'll see a reference to a tag with something like:




            <a class=dropspot




            Take a note of the popup number (78861142 from the above example) move to the top of the HTML and do a find for the number. You'll find a tag with something like:


            <div class=x-popup-text id=POPUP78861142


            which is the HTML for your dropdown. Look in there to see what is going on. Having your own style wouldn't make a difference unless it is not coded to do what you want ;-)


            The exact HTML code may differ if you are using RH7 or later.





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              Hi there


              In addition to what Colum offered, I'll add this.


              Any time I work with DHTML drop-downs, I will do all my formatting in the main editor. Just make it look like you want, then preview. Once happy and satisfied with how it looks, I select it and choose CUT. Then open the DHTML drop-down editor and paste it into the little window.


              Just thinking out loud a bit here... Rick



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                Wow! Thanks to that "More Like This" widget at right, I see that this problem existed 2 years ago: http://forums.adobe.com/message/162773#162773


                Like the originator, I don't have time to mess around w/ the generated HTML as deadlines approach...I'll just have to remove my bullet style from dropdown hotspots and maybe just set it up in a table as someone else suggested.


                But, this seems like a major RH flaw that's been around perhaps since the beginning.


                Thank you for your responses!