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    Preload movie clip?


      I've created a flash website that is entirely contained in a movie clip (which includes more movie clips and frames and yeah)...Its a really large file because its a design portfolio site so I want to create a preloader of some kind to indicate that its loading for others to not lose interest. However, all the tutorials I've found online haven't worked for my situation or maybe I just didn't do something right (both very possible). Could someone help me with instructions on how to create a preloader for a movie clip? I'd be ok with just a count down or percentage - doesn't necessarily need a preloading "bar". Or can someone direct me where to find a tutorial that is fairly easy and would work for my situation?


      THANK YOU!!!! Any and all help is VERY appreciated!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you checked out the preloading tutorials available at www.gotoandlearn.com?


          If the file grows excessively large, you might consider creating separate swf files for different sections or content and load them dynamically when called upon rather then requiring all the waiting time up front.  Too much waiting can still drive users away, even if you provide an indication of how much they have to wait for.