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    flash cs4 crashes every time


      I have yet to see Flash CS4 in action, it has crashed from the first time, every time. Whenever I start a new file or open an existing one the file loads and five seconds later the application quits without me touching or doing anything. All the other apps in the CS4 suite work fine, Flash is the only one I'm having problems with. Flash CS3 still works fine. I'm running OS X 10.5.6 on a MacbookPro with 3GB RAM and no other applications running. I have deleted preferences, cleared the system cache (using Cocktail) and repaired disk permissions. Nothing has helped. Thanks for any suggestions anyone has.



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          Misery loves company I guess.


          I am having the same problem, but on a PC.  We "upgraded" and now nothing works in Flash.  We are now trying to contact Adobe to see if we can go back to Master Suite CS3.  CS4 Flash crashes everytime on files that we used successfully just last week in CS3.  CS4 takes forever to load and I have 4GB of RAM in my systems.  I have tried this on two separate computers with the same amount of RAM with the same files and the same exact result.  I keep getting a low virtual memory error even when no other applications are open.  My files are large and I don't think that a good fix should be having to reduce my file size.


          It is amazingly bad.


          I would appreciate any information anyone can offer as I am sure Ken would as well.



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            I have the same crashing problem with CS4. I'm working in a Mac Pro with 10.5.6. My problem is with the workspaces. After working at least a minute, every time I change from a workspace to another, Flash crashes. It's the first time it happens with any version in the last nine years.