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    FCP Files in PP ...overall acceptance

    Chris Valentine2

      Did a fair amout of search, but I'm still not clear on this issue...


      Just upgraded to CS4 in large part because I need to bridge a huge gap I have in finding freelance editing gigs with all that raw video out there that has been captured using FCP.


      I just watched this and the import of FCP projects and SD .movs looks good to go...



      ...but, I'm reading that FCP captured in HD is a no go in Premiere.




      1. Which video files will Premiere CS4 accept from an FCP captured project (I apologize for the lack of specificity) The "will"s and the "won't"s


      2. Of the types that do import, do any of them slow PP down to an unusable crawl? ...like .movs did to me in PP 2.0


      3.  If FCP captured HD video will not import/work in CS4, is there third party software that can encode the FCP files into something that will work in PP? Before I moved up to CS4 I had to edit P2/MXF video and purchased a Raylight product that converted the files to .avi ...anything out there that will convert FCP HD for the purposes of PP?


      I'd love to go trolling for gigs, but I need to know how good the CS4 handshake is with FCP



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Apparently there has been an issue with FCP Captured files into PrPro. Don't do that, so I have no first-hand experience.


          IIRC, the soon to be released 4.1.0 update will have enhanced X-program support between FCP and PrPro. To what extent? Not sure that any of us knows yet, but maybe a report from NAB will shed more light on the issue.


          Good luck,