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    AE CS4 crashes while invoking Keylight

      I am having issues with a client's AE crashing when rendering out a file that uses the Keylight plugin. It will just give a message that AE has crashed and it will shut down. This is usually on DV material, but I think it has done it with other files as well. I am able to take the same source footage and put it on my computer with AE CS3 and use keylight and render the files just fine. If I try to take that CS3 project into the client's CS4, it will crash when rendering (it gets about 5 seconds into the clip before crashing). Some of the things I've tried are:

      1. turning off OpenGL render

      2. remove OpenGL plugin

      3. clear out the cache

      4. taking the plugin from my CS3 and replacing the CS4 one (you can't do this - it looks for some sort of license and will go into demo mode)

      5. recapturing the source footage - in case I had corrupt files

      6. numerous reboots

      Has anyone heard of this happening or have an idea of what could be the cause? I'm not quite sure what to tell my client.

      Thanks! TC

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          You may want to try disabling layer cache and purging every (1) frame during render via the "secret" prefs.


          To access the secret prefs, hold down shift while navigating to the preferences. Release shift when the dialog box appears, and go to the end of the preferences section.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            In addition, make sure to get any updates for Keylight from The Foundry's website. There was a hotfix release shortly after CS4 came out that may solve your particular crash problem, 1.26 or so.



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              Level 1

              Excellent! That seems to have helped. I did a couple of quick tests to see if that would work. Although I still can't figure out why it would do that with only DV source with a mask and keylight. I did notice the RAM shot up quickly to 59% of 2 GB used, but after doing what you said it only goes up to 18%. Secret preferences... hmm.

              I'll check for an update to Keylight as well. I had checked the Foundry web site briefly, but didn't find much.