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    Hi, i am a bit of a newbie at AS & need some help applying it to a movie clip button

      I have created a movie clip button but am stuck with the actionscript. I have created the rollover and rollout for this movie clip button but i want it to do 2 things after this i want it to go and stop on the first frame of a movieclip which has my content on it called portfoliogallery_mc (which is also the same instance name for it) when you then click the button i want it to go and play frame 11 of that movie clip portfolio gallery_mc.


      Here is my current actionscript i HAVE Flash 8 on my comp that i am currently using.

      Please note my actions are on a layer called actions and not on the movieclip button itself.

      nxtimagetwo_mc (is the movie clip button/instance of mc)





      this.nxtimagetwo_mc.onRollOver = function() {



      this.nxtimagetwo_mc.onRollOut = function() {







      currently it is playing to frame 11 not stopping at frame 1 and stops on frame 20 where i have a stop action. I also have a stop action on frame 1 of that movie clip.


      What I want it to do is first stop at frame 1 of that movie clip and when the button is clicked again to go and play frame 11 of that same movie clip.


      Basically what i want the mc button to do is 2 things automatically stop the mc for the first content and when button is clicked let the content fad out and play to where the next stop action is set to in the Movie Clip.


      Nothing to with the above www.rsquareme.co.uk is my current portfolio website if you would like to check it out it is not fully complete yet.