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    AE CS3: Crashes on export to Adobe Flash Video (with audio)


      I have a 10 second comp I'm rendering to Adobe Flash Video. The comp has a wav file on it.


      I have ram previewed the comp and it plays back just fine.


      When I render it to Adobe Flash Video via the render queue my comp crashes at 30 frames in everytime.


      However if I remove the wave file from my comp, AE will fully render the comp to an FLV file.


      I have also tried replacing the wav file with another random wav file - I get the same crash everytime at 30 frames in.


      I also made a comp from scratch and tried to render it to Adobe Flash Video with a wav clip and it crashes 30 frames in every time.


      Please note when it hits frame 30 on the render, a window pops up ( a dos type window ) and then the window closes along with AE right away leaving me with no error messages or even an error log. I was able to get a screen cap of the error and it's attached.


      I am running Windows Vista 64-bit and this is the first problem I've had with AE CS3.


      Is this a known issue and is there a workaround for this?