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    Missing Shockwave Decompression Xtra

      This error when using Shockwave Player has been around since version 7 but the only advice from Adobe is to upgrade to a newer version of Player. Well I just downloaded version 11 and the error is still present with the following test site:

      I'm using SeaMonkey 1.1.10 and the Adobe file sockwave_installer_slim.exe correctly installed the plug-in which is shown as active. I've gone to the Adobe test site and it indicates that the Shockwave plug-in was correctly installed. However, the test site given above always gives the "missing xtra" error.

      On my WinXP system, there is the following directory: windows\system32\adobe\shockwave 11\xtras . The number of xtras actually in this directory are limited but it does contain the file, autodownload.txt . This text file contains the url for obtaining needed but missing xtras from the following site:
      However this site does not seem to exist! All attempts to get to this site http://download.macromedia.com result in "The requested URL / was not found on this server."

      This is a major bug with Shockwave. I've tried to report this to Adobe but Adobe does not seem to care unless you have purchased a product or a service contract. What can be done to correct this missing xtra problem?


      Right, somewhere in the many messages on this site I found an answer. The problem is several fold. Shockwave does not work correctly in part because parts of the program expects .x32 files to be installed in
      Windows\sytem32\Adobe\Shockwave 11\Xtras while another part expects .x32 files in
      Windows\sytem32\Macromed\Shockwave 10\Xtras . Further, by default the Slim version is supplied by Adobe not Full. Slim expects .x32 files to be auto-downloaded as needed but the download site is no-longer available.

      Even if you install the Full package, the program won't work because the Macromed directory will be empty. Attempts to access Shockwave programs from web sites will result in some .x32 files being placed in the Macromed directory but not most. Instead the obsolete autodownload.txt file is installed with reference to non-existent urls

      An Adobe white paper on Director 11, indicates that Shockwave has limited backwards compatibility. So this solution is problematic as a version 11 .x32 file must be used instead of a version 10 file. In some cases there may not even be an equivalent version 11 file. Nevertheless this specific error of the missing decompression extra is soved by copying swadcmpr.x32 from the system32\Adobe directory and placing it in the equivalent system32\Macromed directory.
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          The "Shockwave Xtra installer" on this website seemed to cause Shockwave to download the Xtras from download.macromedia.com. After running the installer, and saying yes to all the prompts, the test site that you linked to seemed to work properly with no error messages.
          I am using Shockwave 11, Firefox 3, and Windows XP SP3
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            download SWADCMPR.X32 @ http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2003/ofr03-193/cd_files/Xtras/?C=S;O=D
            then copy the file and paste to C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Shockwave 10\Xtras
            note: must have shockwave installed
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              bnrup's solution above works but....
              i found the installer on that site he mentions to be quite finnicky. i had to:

              - first uninstall any previous shockwave,
              - reboot,
              - test browser,
              - close browser,
              - install the FULL shockwave installer (hard to find item),
              - test browser
              - reboot
              - goto the xtras install link he provides
              - wait for shockwave screen to finish loading
              - watch for pointer to go to hourglass
              - wait for hourglass to return to pointer
              - wait and additional 10 seconds or more to be sure it was really done
              - then refresh that page to start the process of downloading, installing xtras
              - wait for dialog box asking to install and sometimes that box pops up behind the browser
              - press "install"
              - wait, find, press install four more times
              - on success message box click ok
              - press Done button on the current page
              - on confirmation press Yes which kills the browser
              - restart browser
              - verify xtras functionality on the test site of ur choice
              - breathe sigh of relief that its finally working
              - cuss abobe and microsoft for releasing buggy products and not providing support

              i found that any deviation from the above steps could cause the Xtras installation to fail. i ended up using a disk imaging tool to facilitate going through multiple iterations on the above process to finally perfect it and confirm its repeatability. hence the step cussing adobe. jerks.

              a test site i used to verify Xtras is this one.
              the pbs.org test site RobertGault mentions works ok for me now too.

              hope this post will help somebody NOT to have to waste as much time as i had to in order to get a working solution. thanks a lot adobe! donkies!

              real thanks to bnrup for that link, i tried to find an alternate source for that but couldnt find anything even close. so were it not for the efforts of bnrup i would still be AFU.

              THANKS bnrup!!!!!!!!!
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                Thanks bnrup Installer work Great
                Thanks again
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                  I used the file given by kix_ko and installed the file in both the C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Shockwave 10\Xtras & C:\WINDOWS\system32\Adobe\Shockwave11\Xtras and it fixed the problem.