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    Reader 9 and 9.1 unable to open a specific .pdf - either in reader or browser


      My "crime" was :

      I had Reader 9 installed, then opened a particular .pdf from a site in my I.E.8 browser - it opened fine (and I saved the document to my harddrive) - then to get to the root of the site while keeping the .pdf open I used "New Window" from I.E. menu which should just open the document one more time in a new Window (and allow me to the modify address in browser address field to get to the site root) - document opened but I.E.8 with Reader 9 froze, then I took the address and opened the document in FireFox , that made Firefox freeze also .

      I then updated Reader 9 to 9.1 and searched for updates - to no avail - still same problem.   Tried to open the document , after re-boots , both in browser and by double-clicking the already saved .pdf  of that particular document - nothing worked , browser and reader still froze .....

      Then uninstalled , rebooted , and re-installed Reader 9.1 , still couldn't open that particular document without Reader freezeing , neither in browser address nor by opening document from harddrive.

      I should be underlined that other documents opened fine in Reader - atleast when opening from harddrive.....

      Then I uninstalled Reader 9.1 once more , rebooted , and installed Reader 8.12 (which I had saved to my harddrive for a "rainy day"), now everything works fine - no freezeing - no problem .

      Problem seems centered around Reader 9 and 9.1. and problems initiated through a browser problem........


      My setup :

      Win XP (non-english/US) SP3 , AVG antivirus , ZoneAlarm Firewall , Windows Defender active , other protection programs also but no active components from those.


      I think that Adobe needs to investigate this a lot.............

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I used to use Zonealarm, but stopped. It was causing problems with Acrobat. Try turning it and all your other protections and see what happens.

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            Fiat_Lux Level 1

            Hi Mike ! ,

            Thanks for your answer.

            I'm a *very experienced* "computer-user" that has "shot a lot problems" in my time , so from the start my assessment were that your advice would not fix the problem.  However out of respect for you and you kindly trying to help + knowing the "havoc" it can cause when one try to restrict some programs ability to act freely then I decided to take my time trying your advice.......

            so :

            I turned off Windows defender + made a re-boot (no other anti-spyware/anti malware has been allowed active components for the time being) , un-installed Reader 8.12 + made re-boot , installed Reader 9.1 + made a re-boot , closed down ZoneAlarm Firewall protection and tried to open the problem document and got a freeze once again - so that was a no go....

            Un-installed Reader 9.1 again , turned on Windows Defender, re-boot , installed Reader 8.12 , and "Voila" : no problem opening the document.....


            I did however (once-again) notice one thing while having Reader 9.1 installed : When I opened the problem document and got a Reader 9.1 freeze then I noticed in the Windows taskmanager that 2 occurences of Reader 9.1 apparently were running after I had opened the document once from my harddrive !

            I earlier had it "written down" to things happening in Windows when trying to shutdown the Reader 9.1 program , but now I think otherwise.....


            I this this is a problem caused by moronic poor foresight from the programmers side.

            I spend a whole lot of time last night trying to "shoot the problem" and did among other things make a search for the name of the problem document both inside Windows registry , and inside all files on my C: Harddrive .   However programmers (and companies) now adays tend to try to maximize code-protection and anti-user-tamper-ability of the program rather than making programs user friendly + easy to troubleshoot....


            I gather from all of it that the Adobe Reader 9.1 got two major problems :

            1: The program has some sort of malfunction due to poor programming that makes it think that because I , once , opened the document in two  seperate INTERNET EXPLORERs then now every time I try to open that particular document then Reader 9.1 has to try to open two instances of the Reader 9.1 and document at once - even if I just try to open the document , one instance , through WINDOWS EXPLORER !

            2: The un-installer cannot make a proper clean-up when un-installing Reader 9.1 so somewhere on the harddrive , or in Windows , is left some settings , of which one is the problem causing this particular document to be tried to be opened as two Reader 9.1 instances when opening .

            Ofcourse this is not easy to trouble shoot because of the modern way of thinking of programmers and companies.......


            I spend a lot of time last night trying to squash out any leftover Reader 9.1 settings in registry and Windows by using techniques suggested in various forum threads but to no avail.  So I'm back to using the Reader 8.12 .


            Personally I am *really tired* of being the un-paid trouble-shooter/trouble-locater - I'm probably not getting many "popularity votes" for uttering that - but hey ! : It's my life !

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              The best luck I have had since the post is un-installing Adobe as a whole and downloading and installing Foxit Reader.  Much easier than being the guinnea pig and fixing someone else's problem.  Thanks for the advice.

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                I have the same issue.  i.e. I downloaded a PDF from a Webinar.  It opened fine and I saved it to my desktop.  I beleive the intial opening was not in a browser session.  Everytime I try to open the save document, it just shows the first page and the document hangs.  I too see two instances of this document running in task manager.  My guess is that this issue has nothing to do with the way you intially opened the document.  I emailed my document to a colleague, and it opened fine on their machine.  Of course, I am running 9.2 on my PC and they are on an older version, 8.x.  Post if you figure anything out.

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                  Fiat_Lux Level 1

                  Thanks for the feedback with respect to reporting the problem experienced by you.


                  Result : I just made a bug-report/feature-request to Adobe to attempt to have the problem fixed either by fixing the problem with Reader 9.x (and) or by atleast getting Reader 9.x to cleanup properly on an un-install so an un-install + re-install may fix the problem even if the problem should persist with Reader 9.x itself as such with respect to what might create the problem. (Problems seems to me to be some sort of cross-association that makes Reader 9.x try  to open two instances of a particular document once the problem has been initialized !)


                  Kind Regards


                  Fiat Lux !

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                    Res Ipsa

                    I had a similar problem. I had Adobe Reader 9.1 installed. Every time I tried to open a pdf document I got a dialogue box which stated that Reader could not be opened with the web browser. After reading posts to this query today, 5/29, I uninstalled 9.1 and downloaded 8.1.2, which apparentlly is sometimes referred to as 8.12 in these posts. Bingo! That did the trick. I didn't bother rebooting my computer after I downloaded Reader 8.1.2. For those who want to do the same, I found 8.1.2 by typing "download adobe reader 8.12" into my web browser. There were many options. I chose one that referred to a free download. Hope this helps.

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                      I am aware of an issue with Acrobat Reader 9.3.2 plugin for Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8. If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 and have Reader 9.x. I can give you one work around. This work around only pertains to Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.x and Internet Explorer 7 or 8.  I have not tested either with Firefox.

                      1) Open Adobe Reader outside of Internet Explorer
                      2) Go to Edit then Preferences
                      3) Under Categories on the left side click on Internet
                      4) Uncheck Display PDF in browser and click Ok. 
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                        Fiat_Lux Level 1

                        Hi "tufop123"


                        Your "solution" has been brought around numerous times by other people but as you can see from my initial post then though my problem were initially initialized by using Adobe Reader 9.xx with I.E. 8 then the problem persisted with later Adobe Reader 9.xx freezes even just opening the PDF file from my harddrive in Adobe Reader 9.xx and thus not using I.E. 8 itself at all.

                        Therefore in some cases , and the only sure solution , is to "trash" Adobe Reader 9.xx and use Adobe Reader 8.1.2 instead (or perhaps Foxit Reader ? - I didn't try that one out myself as it did not have an I.E. plugin - at least not at the time.)  .