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    Navigation Button


      Hi looking for a solution,  I have created all buttons required for my navigation bar, when i drag and drop them onto my canvas a box appears around each button with a red border labled "button.gif".  When i align my buttons into position these boxes overlap as they are much bigger than the button, when i preview in browser all the effects are messed up, due to this overlap its causing problems, Is there any way to adjust the size or to even switch off these boxes that surrownd the button.


      ps im usins CS4 version.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Hi Xeron,


          I suspect that you are referring to the slice guides you see when you have converted your button to a symbol. Those red lines show where the images will be sliced. If you have applied a drop shadow or glow, or any effect that extends past the actual outline of the button graphic, the slice guides will extend past the button graphic to include the shadow, glow, etc. When you align your buttond, align them using the red lines as a guide. If you aren't satisfied with the way they line up, you'll need to reduce the spread of the shadow or glow.